It’s the freakin weekend, baby imma bout to have me some corn.

First and foremost, can we all just stop and take a moment to look at how adorable little miss bed head is in the morning!!  Oh man.   SOmetimes, I just can not handle her!

ok, now that you’re tearing up with absolute joy, let’s move along.

Happy MOonday!!  Did yall have a great weekend?  Mine was pretty stellar.  So much that I didn’t even want to get on the puter (short for computer, duh).  My cutie little hub and I did some pretty fun stuff.  He hadn’t been feeling well for last 3 days of the week, so he got a whopping 5 day weekend.  What a sneaky sneak.  He’s better now and helped me enjoy my weekend by starting it off with a delicious (my new fav) breakfast after an excruciatingly painful workout!  Thanks Zuzka.  ZWOW #1 again, but FASTER!!  Matthew watched and praised me the whole time. 🙂 such a good cheerleader.

dry rolled oats, Stonyfield french vanilla yogurt, and strawberries.

After my heart rate came down from 800 zillion, we took an impromptu (this is how most of our life works) trip to the NE Minneapolis farmer’s market.  We snagged some fresh, off the stalk corn on the cob, an eggplant, which i plan to make eggplant chips with, a green pepper, kale and some scallions.  We shared a cup of locally brewed coffee and then headed to the co-op.

Spinal Tap Rules!

You don’t understand the Spinal Tap reference?  Google it in images and you’ll know IMMEDIATELY!  🙂

And no, we did not get another dog.  Babysitting for the weekend.

One thing about summer that is usually one of my favorite parts is the state fair.  We’ve pretty much decided already that this year, it’s just not in the cards for the safety of our wallets.  My all time favorite thing to get a the state fair: Roasted corn on the cob.  Remember when i told you about 6 inches up that we got some corn on the cob?  Yeah, well we iz da bomb and roasted it ourSELVES!  I’ve never done this and because we are fairly new owners of a gas grill, it worked so well!!  Can I just say that I no longer have to go to the state fair to bask in the greatness of roasted COTC?  The gentleman that sold us this corn must have been an angel because that corn was an angel.  Check out this lunch spread!

Roasted corn, sweet potato, Cajan brat, strawberries, and a surly?? get real.

We were pretty amazed at ourselves after we inhaled it all and if I could get down that low, i know we fer sure would have been rockin these moves.  Literally.  Well, at least my taste buds would have.

We were seriously unsure if our weekend could get any better after that meal.  But it did.  We rented Hunger Games from the redbox and I brought Matthew to Chilly Billy’s (frozen yogurt) for round 2.  He loved it.  Of course.  Score!! “Excuse me, sir.  I was wondering if this frozen yogurt could possibly get any better?”  Nope.  It’s not a franchise, so if ya wanna try some, just get yur hiney over to Minneapolis.  and don’t forget to call me. (555-5555)

We wrapped up our finger-licking weekend with tortilla pizzas and a marathon of The Office on Netflix.

These pizza’s were sooo easy (easy on the carbs too) and yurmmy.  Used organic sprouted grain tortillas, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, black olives, scallions and uncured pepperoni topped with baby arugula.  Throw em in the oven (actually you have to carefully slide them off of a cutting board or something flat into the oven unless you want to wear them on your feet) on 425 for about 10 minutes and wallah!  (in order to get the tortillas crispy, we laid down some cooling racks in the opposite direction of the oven rack slats to create a crisscross surface area….otherwise, they would probably slip right through!)

Oh and guess what.  The fun continues!  We had a bonfire too.

Ooooh, it’s ok that you’re jealous.

Thanks for stoppin by friends!  Have a great night and seriously…don’t let the bedbugs bite.  And if you have them, I’m sorry.  Also, go buy a bug bomb.


4 thoughts on “It’s the freakin weekend, baby imma bout to have me some corn.

  1. That seriously sounds like an amazing weekend. I’m inviting myself over next time in MN. Which — watch out— might be soon!!! You guys would totally fit in here in Denver what with your locally brewed coffee and your farmers markets. Cracks me up!! 🙂

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