I am a grateful…grapefruit.

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I have to go back to work in 2 weeks.  It’s eating away at me like the ants that invade a fallen apple.  Let’s just say, I’m not too stoked about it.  I have had a really good summer – finding new loves: reading blogs, writing blogs, exercise, my neighborhood co-op, and fun new friends.  I have also reveled in the fact that my true calling is housewife. 🙂  During the summers, I realize more than ever that I am a huge introvert.  I enjoy time by myself and quiet houses.  I enjoy shopping trips and watching movies alone.  I even love a quiet chat with my furry daughter, though she never really says much.  Working at a high school is everything that is opposite: loud, busy, chaotic, stampedes, fights and the occasional swear word (did i say occasional?).  I know i am definitely spoiled to be able to be at home during the summer and our checking account gets a little hungry around August.  That doesn’t make going back to work easier.  Which is why i have decided to flip my frown upside down and be grateful.

Being grateful is not as easy as it sounds.  I think in general it is very difficult to be genuinely grateful when you’ve never experienced true hardship.  I’ve always known what it feels like to be comfortable.  Comfortable in my living situations, comfortable in my relationships, comfortable in knowing where my next meal is coming from, and even comfortable in my employment.  Because I have always been comfortable, i find it harder to be grateful for certain things.  Especially if i am experiencing frustration, sadness, anger or disappointment.  I’ve never had to  wonder if I can pay the mortgage next month or buy the groceries we need.  I’ve never had to seek employment for more than a couple months.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  Most of us do.

So as my last couple weeks of summer come to an end, I will be purposeful about my gratefulness.  Do I want to go back to work? No.  But am I grateful I have job to go back to?  Yes.  As your summer comes to an end, take a moment and reflect on the things you are grateful for.   An easy life is not a guarantee.  Food on the table is not a guarantee.  Having a job is not a guarantee.  So don’t live life like it is.

I can’t even begin to include everything, but here’s a list of some things I can reflect on this week:

Grateful for…

my health

my family

my husband

a house to live in

a job that pays

a car

enough $ for food


summer break (to rejuvenate!!)


an excellent credit score 🙂

my education

Last but not least, God’s love, grace and forgiveness.

I’ll need to continue reminding myself of these things on the days that I want to strangle my students and quit my job, or wish i could buy those really cool shoes that would look so hot on me, or want my kitchen to be bigger and more beautiful.  Cuz in reality, i aint got much to complain about. 🙂

What are yall grateful for?


4 thoughts on “I am a grateful…grapefruit.

  1. Enough $ is so important. Whenever we are buying something big, I always say to Kevin — are we still going to have enough money to eat??? Lol. Yeahhh housewives. You are going to love going back to school! I can’t believe it hasn’t started yet!!

    • yeah, money sucks. It literally sucks the life out of people. I’m sure once i get there, school will be fun, like always. I just get so used to being at home and doing things that i don’t normally have time for. I still dream of being a housewife someday. 🙂

  2. Remember, a lot of your students are the kids who need encouragement and love the most and they are so lucky to have Ms. Beth. Be grateful that you get to make a difference! Not everyone gets to say that. And tell them to watch their mouths or your friend Ms. Bailey will come give them silent lunch. I DO NOT PLAY WITH CHILDREN lol

    • Ha! I’ll make sure to add that line into my every day. I’ll prob just get a lot of eye rolling… 🙂 Good advice ruth. I do enjoy the fact that i get to be something good, even for a moment in their messed up little worlds. I just wish it payed the bills a little better. :/ Thanks for readin!

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