Gotta Have It, numero uno.

Don’t lie to yourself.

There’s that one (or 80) thing/s that you pass by every time you walk through target or peruse amazon that you want so badly you just KNOW it would bring value to your life and or emotional well being.   Maybe it’s something that you already own and couldn’t possibly imagine life without.  Come one.  Even my mom probably has something on this evil list……muahahahahaha!

I thought it would be fun to start a series of posts that revolve around things/places/people/kinda whatever that I feel like I just can’t live without or would maybe someday like to own…or be given.   Now, I know I just posted a blog yesterday about being grateful, and trust me, I am.  I’ve never been materialistic or greedy, so take this as an amusing sort of post and know that I could *probably* survive without whatever I may say that I need.  We’re using the word NEED lightly here, people. 🙂 Maybe i should re-name these posts, “favorite things that i would kinda really really want real bad”.

So, we’re gonna start off with a bang!  TWO gotta have its in one!  I know, I’m already messing things up here, but these two things pretty much go hand in hand.  But before i reveal the magic, here’s some background info:  My hair is…well, a tad bit unruly.  Actually, it has had a mind of it’s own for as long as i can remember.  I wish i had pictures on my computer of the days when “doing my hair” consisted of running a brush through it and sitting on the shag carpeting in our living room while my mom blow dried it into a half straight half frizzy bob.  I have naturally curly hair, so maybe that gives you a little insight on what we’re dealing with here.  I would also just let it air dry with no product in it and have the most outrageous cowlicks you can imagine.  Like right in the front of my head.  What the heck genetics?  And probably because it was the early 90s or maybe just because i didn’t know how to care, my hair has always been a sort of an anomaly.  I still to this day NEVER know what kind of stunt it’s going to pull everyday.  It thinks it’s so clever…

I’ve grown up a bit, taken advice, watched enough commercials to think i know what will work, and purchased MANY products in the brightly lit, organized and lovely shelves at target and I dunno.  I think I may have found a solution.  Until i purchase that other kewl product that just came out that makes your hair come alive and you can tell it exactly what you want it to do.  ****I feel like I’ve talked up these products like they’re so fancy and amazing and you could only find them in Rhianna’s bathroom.  Well, they are pretty fancy to me, but guess what?!  They could pretty easily be in your bathroom too.  They’re cheap.  And work like they’re not.

Are you surprised?  Ha.  You’ve probably walked by these products a few times in your day.  But let me explain why I think they are worth putting in your cart (or small basket if you’re cool and in a hurry).  First, the 5 Minute Miracle by Aussie.  Seriously, I have been to Sallys and know that there are a funk load of deep conditioners that are sooooo amazing for your hair follicles…said in mocking voice.  They are also very expensive.  Usually.  I like to save money.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take the 10 dollars I’d save from purchasing this deep conditioner and go buy myself some Hot Cheetos and Takis. 🙂  (please tell me you’ve seen this video).  I just recently bleached my whole head.  I mean hair.  It definitely went through some trauma that needed therapy.  I researched best deep conditioners and no joke – this was on the list.  It’s about the best 3 dollars you’ll spend for your hair.  I was amazed.  This stuff wrapped its compassionate arms around my dried up locks and snuggled it until it was healthy.  It seriously works.  Plus, it smells like coconut which automatically makes me think I’m on vacation which automatically gets two thumbs up.

Next, is a little gem by John Frieda, makers of all things pertaining to frizz monster over here.  Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Cream gives a girl with naturally curly (frizzy) hair hope that she too can have soft, wavy hair like all her friends and celebrities.  This product is a bit more expensive, but not more than 6 dollars.  I like to go to bed with a wet head because waking up in the morning and seeing what has developed over night is like opening a present on Christmas.  Sometimes you hate it because it is NOT WHAT YOU ASKED FOR and sometimes you love it because the gifter has amazing taste and knows exactly what you like!!  So while my hair is wet, I put in a few big globs and it makes a Biiiiiiiig difference.  Huge.  If I wake up with a Christmas gift that I want to re-gift, I just run a straightener through it quickly.  But remember, the product has nothing to do with my weird obsession of curling up with icicles for hair. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.  Anywayz, when I don’t have any left, I’ll usually call the non-emergency number.

It’s very difficult being a girl with naturally curly hair and not enough money to try all the awesome products out there.  So i just stick with what i know and buy the cheap stuff.  These two products are winners on my list and right now in my life, they are on the gotta have it list too.  Now, remember, with these and all of the future Gotta Have It items, you and I both know that I wouldn’t die without them.  I would just be really cranky and would look like this is all.


or maybe this.

And the rest of society does not want that.


Do you have naturally curly hair?  How do you tame it?


What are your favorite hair products?


Peas in the middle east.


5 thoughts on “Gotta Have It, numero uno.

  1. I don’t like the whole hair routine…so I usually put a little nothing in. Once in a while I will swipe some some After Party from bedhead that I like pretty well. It lays the frizz down a little. that is all. im lazy. and cheap. and a mom.

  2. I love hot cheetos!!!!!!!! I hadn’t seen that video. But I’m playing it very loudly. And I love it. Lol. I have the worst hair in Denver. It was not the greatest in MN, but here with the zero humidity — it’s a tangled mess. I have to rip it apart. Maybe these will help!? Lol. That would also require me to use them I suppose. Haha.

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