To Be, or Not to Be. That is the Conundrum.

jeez.  i know.  it’s been a while.  like long enough for you to say to yourself, “Did Brita stop blogging?”  “Is Brita like cray cray busy?” Probably not though really, right?  I have a feeling there weren’t any protests in my honor.  But, I mean, feel free.

Ya know that last post about getting back to reality?  Yeah, well, reality sucks.  Like literally sucks my time away.  Like a rotten egg vacuum.  And my reality isn’t even that busy, it’s just during the peak hours of the day.  These last few weeks I have realized something about myself.  The reason I was better at posting blogs in the summer was because my brain, body and fingers only seem to work well during the day…or late, late evening when I would look at the clock and see 1pm but wouldn’t care because all I had to do in the morning was take my freaky fine husband to work and then come home to sip coffee and plan my day.  Then things dramatically changed. When my, I’ll call them “functional” hours, are used up at work, I can’t seem to muster up any desire to do much afterwards.  Well, can’t is a strong word I guess.  Don’t want to is more fitting.  I have the same problem during evening hours with cleaning, homework or anything that doesn’t involve sitting on the couch with ma boo.  I was thinking about how I have not been very intentional about blogging, reading other blogs, trying new recipes and yes, even exercising…all things I excelled at in the summer.  But then the word intentional blew up and shattered into pieces while a couple new words entered the scene.  Do or do not.  I can’t keep saying that my intentions were to get up early and work out before my day starts or I intended to write a blog or my intentions to stop at the store on the way home to get the things I’d need for a new recipe weren’t met.  Intentions?  More like you either do or do not.

So I don’t want these things that I desire to be intentions.  I want them to be reality.  I want to be successful at accomplishing them knowing that I met a goal and will probably get a frozen yogurt treat for a prize.  My resolutions are starting early this year.  Do you suck at being productive after 4pm?

In other news, Imagematthew got a birthday tattoo

ImageI got a new dress at Urban Outfitters

ImageLiz and Steve hung out with me

Imagei gots a new rad necklace

Imageand cuddling is fun.

Alsoooo, the season premier of New Girl is on tomorrow night.  Not like you forgot er anything…Pretty important stuff!


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