Fancy Fall Fashions

Happy fall ya’ll.  Doesn’t this weather make you want to shop?  and eat apples?  and have bonfires and play in the leaves and shop?  weeell…I’ve been drooling over a few things lately that I think would just look dashing in my closet but even better on me.  Wanna see?  k

So, I drooled so much and so long over these boots on Amazon that it only took me a year to purchase them.  I saved up a bunch of gift cards and applied for their credit card ( i clipped it as soon i got it) so I could get the free $30 gift card.  GENIUS huh?!  I paid not one penny for these pretty little things.  Black boots.  Errbodys gotta get them a pair for fall/winter.  They iz so cute and I absolutely love them.  Steve Madden is the mastermind behind these gems.

and check out how hot these gals look wearing them.

Dress these little black boots up with leggings, jeans, dresses or socks!  They’re all cute and stuff and they are like so in right now.  omg.

Another little fancy accessory for fall is this lovely scarf that I found at Anthropologie on uber sale.  I love it.  I love all the little fringes and because it’s black, it can pretty much be rocked with most things.  Although, I don’t usually care much about matching, so whatev.  haterz gonna hate.

Do you have an adorable, fuzzy faced man that would look cute in this sweater?  It’s a freakin dinosaur ya’ll.  I mean come on.  I’m not sure where this sexy beast (the sweater, not the man) came from, but Imma find it fer ma man.  What man doesn’t need a dinosaur sweater for the fall?  Dinos RULE!

Anthrpologie has been tickling my fancy a lot lately.  It doesn’t help that emails get sent to me almost everyday with all their cute crap.  Oh, and if you want a cute Anthro dress, now’s the time to buy cuz all their Sale dresses are under $100 dollaz.  Not that it’s cheap, but they’ve lowered all the prices to be under 100 which makes me think all the other dresses probably got discounted too.  I’m just hopin.  I haven’t looked yet.  Anywayz, these cute collar necklaces have been the rage lately and this one is almost perfectly adorable.  How cute to fancy up any shirt or dress with a beautiful collar?  A fall must have?  YUP.

This next outfit is just crazy beautiful.  I lalalalalaLOVE that it doesn’t match and looks amazing at the same time.  Look at those prints.  They were made for each other.  I don’t currently own any fancy pants like these, but would totally rock these with a patterned blouse any day this fall.  High-waisted pants boooyeee!

That necklace is pretty dope too.

Finally, this fall just will not be complete without a Daisy.  She’s high fashion and on everyone’s must have list.  Perfect for fitting into your cute clutch or even walking with you down the avenue causing mass cute chaos.  She will provide never ending hours of cuddles and snuggles and just when you thought you had all your fancy fashions ideas for the fall, she’ll come prancing out of the next room with her clicking heels and remind you how awesome and versatile black really is.  Dang, she’s amazing.


What are your fancy fall fashion must haves?

Ciao haterrrrs.




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