Carpe Diem.

Sometimes, I sit and watch our daughter play, laugh, cry, dance or sleep and really can’t believe she’s real.  I mean, she’s like the cutest thing I could even imagine and so fun and funny and thoughtful…like in a “is mom watching cuz I’m gonna make a bee line for that cup of coffee and then dig in the garbage 30 million times” kind of way. 🙂  Tiring, but cute.  I love that she is curious and full of energy and constantly reminding me that life is short, so “get up and come follow me…”

I hate when I get frustrated, tired, cranky and short tempered with her.  I desire a continuous  flow of thankfulness, joy, and adventure.  After one miscarriage and a complicated pregnancy, I wasn’t even sure that having a baby was in the cards for me.  I know what it feels like to loose something so deeply connected to your being.  I know what it feels like to worry and cry and live in fear during an entire pregnancy.  But then Clementine was born as perfect as can be and I was so very lucky to be able to carry and give life to a teeny human.  The human that is my best friend.  I want to have Christ like patience and love for this little being, that I so deeply desired.  There’s no room for selfishness.

I saw this quote on a blog that I follow and it is a truly great reminder.  Life moves quicker than we can expect.  Our children grow and change faster than we realize.  It’s hard to grasp the reality of this truth.  Are you taking it all in?  Creating lasting memories?  Setting aside your tired, cranky and short tempered soul for your babe?  Before we know it, they will grow and succumb to the tired, frustrated, cranky and short tempered world they have entered.  Cease the moment.  Before it’s gone.

“While they are at your side, love these little ones to the utmost. Forget yourself; serve them; care for them; lavish all your tenderness upon them. Value your good fortune while it is with you and let nothing of their babyhood go unprized. Not for long will you keep the happiness that now lies in your reach. You will not always walk in the sunshine with a little soft hand nestling in each of yours, nor hear little feet pattering beside you and eager baby voices questioning and pattering of a thousand things with ceaseless excitement. Not always will you see that trusting face upturned to yours, feel those little arms about your neck and those tender lips pressed upon your cheek nor will you have that tiny form to kneel beside you, and murmur baby prayers into your ear. Love them and win their love and shower on them all the treasures of your heart. Fill up their days with happiness and share with them their mirth and innocent delights. Ere you are aware it will be gone with all its gifts forever.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Star Of The West.





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