Hi.  I’m Brita.

I love and live in Minnesota with my adorable husband, insanely cute one year old and pup.  Matthew is seriously a dream boat.  He is the the nicest, most loving and caring person I have ever met.  People are genuinely jealous of all the greatness this guy brings to the table.  One of his best attributes is that he will hands down, always put others first.  He aint no hood rat lookin for a shortie to make dinner AND wash the dishes.   Goin into our 8th year of marriage and things have only gotten better!  love you boo.

Last year I popped out this really cute kid.  We named her Clementine Lucille.  She’s like, my best friend (besides Matthew of course) and I LOOOOOVE hanging out with her all day.  That’s right.  All day.  I’m a stay at home mama and wouldn’t have it any other way. We love going on adventures together and hugging and eating and reading lots of books.

Fritz and Fran Photography


I love thrift stores, fashion, spicy foods and celebrity gossip. I love to create in the kitchen and try new recipes. I love shopping at my neighborhood co-op. I love coffee in the morning and I love saving money and kewl stuff. I love lamp.



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